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Vendor Training

IlliniCare Health's commitment to compliance includes ensuring that our contracted vendors are in compliance with applicable state and federal regulations for providing services to our members on our behalf.

State and Federal regulations require that all persons who provide administrative or healthcare services to Medicare and/or Medicaid enrollees complete initial and annual training. IlliniCare Health is ultimately responsible for fulfilling the terms of our contract with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) and the Center for Medicare & Medicaid services (CMS) and meeting the State and Federal Medicare and Medicaid program requirements.

IlliniCare Health has developed a process to assist each of our contracted vendors with meeting the Medicare and Medicaid program mandatory training requirements.

Each vendor must complete the below training within 90 days of initial contracting and annually thereafter.


Complete the training for each course listed below. Upon successful completion of each training, please complete the attestation form in step two. The attestation form must be completed by an authorized representative within your organization (i.e., Owner, Compliance Officer, Organization Manager/Administrator or an Executive Officer) to attest to compliance with Medicare and Medicaid program training requirements.

Step One: Click each of the links below and review the presentation for each course. All training courses must be completed.

Step Two: Complete the attestation form for each training course.

The annual training courses required are: