Become a Provider

Thank you for your interest in participating with IlliniCare Health. We are excited that you selected our provider network as your network of choice. If you are interested in joining our network call toll free at 1-866-329-4701.

If you have received a contract to become a contracted provider with IlliniCare Health, submit your contract along with the following credentialing information below.  Please be sure to include your address with your request.

If you do not already have a contract, please contact us via email or call 1-866-329-4701.

Contracted Provider Credentialing Materials:

How to Join

Please note that all requests for participation will be reviewed by IlliniCare Health's Recruitment Committee. This committee meets monthly to carefully evaluate each request submitted. The Recruitment Committee uses several factors when making a decision. Such factors may include but are not limited to:

  • Number of IlliniCare Health members in your area
  • Number of currently contracted IlliniCare Health providers in your specialty, in your geographic area
  • Driving distance between members and contracted IlliniCare Health providers
  • IlliniCare Health business needs

All applicants will be notified in writing by the Contracting Department as to the decision of the committee within approximately 45 business days of receipt of your request.

Become a Medical Health Provider:
To request a contract or for other information please send your contact information, including your address, call 1-866-329-4701.

Become a Behavioral Health Provider: 
To become an IlliniCare Health Behavioral Health provider, you will need to sign a contract with Cenpatico.

Call: 1-866-329-4701
Website: Cenpatico

Become a Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Provider:
IlliniCare Health is recruiting providers as part of Service Package II, which provides a variety of Home and Community Based Services to current members of the Integrated Care Program that are on waivers. If you are interested in joining our network, or need additional information, please send your contact information, including your address, call 1-866-329-4701.

Become a Dental Provider: 
To become an IlliniCare Health dental provider, you will need to work with Dental Health & Wellness.

Call: 1-855-586-1415
Website: and enter code IL to enroll

Become a Vision Care Provider:
In order to become an ophthalmologist in our network, you will need to sign a contract with OptiCare.

Call: 1-800-531-2818

As an IlliniCare Health provider, you can rely on:

  • A comprehensive approach to care for your patients through disease management programs, healthy behavior incentives and 24-hour toll-free access to bi-lingual registered nurses
  • Initial and ongoing provider education through orientations, office visits, training and updates
  • A dedicated claims team to ensure prompt payment
  • Minimal referral requirements and limited prior authorizations
  • A dedicated provider relations team to keep you informed and maintain support in person, by email or by phone
  • The ability to check member eligibility, authorization and claims status online
    Healthcare collateral for your patients (e.g., information about our benefits and services) and educational displays for your office


For more information on becoming an Ambetter provider, please visit our Ambetter website.