Your Care Plan

After you receive a Determination of Need (DON), you will receive a DON score. This score will determine the level of services you are eligible to receive under the waiver. IlliniCare Health's Integrated Care Team will work with you, your supports, and your healthcare team to create a care plan. A care plan is developed based on your health needs, home situation, comprehensive health risk assessment, DON, and the amount of support available from your family and friends. This care plan outlines the services you need to assist you with living independently in your home. The plan will include important information about you, your healthcare goals, and what steps will be taken to help you achieve those goals. Your care team will review information with you over time and make changes in your care plan when needed.

Your Care Team

Your care team includes your IlliniCare Health Care Coordinator, your doctor, your family, your caregiver, you and anyone else you choose. Your team is present to support you, and help you get the services you need. Your team will help you make decisions about your care and work with you to achieve your healthcare goals.

Integrated Care Team

The Integrated Care Team will arrange the services available through the Home Services Program, Department on Aging or Supportive Living facilities. Integrated Care Team members with experience in medical well-being and behavioral health will meet with you in your home and will also discuss your concerns over the phone. We encourage you to call your dedicated Care Coordinator whenever your needs change, or you are admitted to the hospital.

You can contact your Care Coordinator at 1-866-329-4701, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. If you are hearing impaired, call TDD/TTY 1-866-811-2452.

Changes to Your Care Plan

Many times, you will need to change your care plan if your needs change. This can be because of a change in your medical condition, living situation or available support. Your care team will work with you if you need to make changes to your care plan.

If your needs change significantly, you may need to have a reassessment of your DON score. The reassessment will be done by an outside agency. They will visit your home, and ask you questions about your needs, just like when you first became eligible. They may determine to change your DON score, which may change the level of services you are able to receive.