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Integrated Health Home (IHH)

Integrated Health Homes (IHH) are a new way to coordinate all your medical, behavioral, and social health needs. An IHH is not a place. It is a group of health care professionals who will help coordinate the health care you need. A Health Home is different than your regular doctor. You can continue to see your regular doctor.  

Benefits include:

  • Complete coordination of all your providers including mental and physical health and social needs
  • Helping you set care goals 
  • Helping to make appointments
  • Making sure you get referrals to all your appointments
  • Being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

How to enroll in an IHH:

You can review the available IHHs with our Find a Provider tool or by logging into your member account. You can also call Member Services at 866-329-4701, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, to talk to someone about choosing an IHH.

Frequently asked questions:

No, you can keep your current providers; however, if you see a PCP affiliated with your IHH you may be able to get quicker appointments scheduled. 

Your IHH is not your only provider and you can continue to utilize any of IlliniCare Health’s in-network providers.

No, your benefits do not change. You still have access to all your IlliniCare Health benefits including Member Services, Care Coordination, transportation to your appointments, and the 24-7 Nurse Advice Line. 

You can change your IHH monthly or you can opt out of IHH altogether at any time. 

Yes, you will still have support from IlliniCare Health to assist you with your health care needs. IlliniCare Health Case Managers work closely with your IHH Care Coordinator.

A new member ID card will be sent to you and their contact information are on the back of your new IlliniCare Health Integrated Health Home ID Card.