Integrated Care Program

This website has information about IlliniCare Health's benefits, services and programs available to our members through the Integrated Care Program.

Click to view the Integrated Care Program Handbook.

For any questions please call Member Services at 866-329-4701 (TTY: 711).

How to Enroll

IlliniCare Health's Integrated Care Program is available to:

  • Older adults or adults with disabilities who are eligible for Medicaid, but not Medicare

You also need to live in Boone, Cook, DuPage, Henry, Kane, Kankakee, Lake, McHenry, Mercer, Rock Island, Will and Winnebago counties. 

After qualifying for Medicaid, you would have received information from Illinois Client Enrollment Services letting you know to pick a health plan. There are two different ways to become a member of IlliniCare Health:

  1. By Phone: Call Client Enrollment Services at 1-877-912-8880 or TDD/TTY 1-866-565-8576. They will enroll you into IlliniCare Health, and help you select a PCP.
  2. Online: Visit Client Enrollment Services website and enroll online. You will need your Recipient Number and Social Security Number.

Open Enrollment

Every year, enrollees in the Integrated Care Program have the opportunity to change their health plans. This is called the Open Enrollment Period. Client Enrollment Services will be sending you information in the mail with details 95 days prior to your anniversary date. Your anniversary date is the day you became effective with the Integrated Care Program. You will have the option to switch health plans 60 days after you receive notice from Client Enrollment Services. 

How do I switch plans?
You can switch by contacting Client Enrollment Services at 1-877-912-8880 or TDD/TTY 1-866-565-8576. You can also contact a community helper, or switch plans online.

Can I switch health plans after the open enrollment period?
No. Enrollees are only able to switch health plans during the open enrollment period. You will receive a written notice from Client Enrollment Services 95 days before your anniversary date. You will have 60 days to switch plans.

If I decide to switch, when do I start with the new health plan?
You will become active with your new health plan on your anniversary date. That is the day you first became active with your current health plan. To find out when your anniversary date is, contact Client Enrollment Services at 1-877-912-8880 or TDD/TTY 1-866-565-8576.

For any questions about IlliniCare Health, you can feel free to call us at 866-329-4701 or TTY: 711. If you have questions about the enrollment process, please contact Client Enrollment Services at 1-877-912-8880.